Core areas in research

  • Machine data acquisition and analysis
  • Development of mathematical methods
  • Thermography and image processing (non destructive testing)
  • Control systems

Control Systems

Machine Control and Process Surveillance often require sensor data acquisition and control system development in rough environments. Since in-field-implementation is very cost and time intense, Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulations are generated and used to allow software and algorithm development in absence of plant components. Together with positioning applications and the integration in cross-linked systems this is one of the core areas at the Chair of Automation.

Poster collection for Control Systems

Non destructive testing based on infrared thermografy

Development of infared techniques for the detection of defects in work pieces with the special focus on "Magneto-Thermal-Inspection" of conductive materials. Non destructive testing based on Thermo-Sensitive Camera Systems offers a big effort in the reduction of costs and time for quality control and improvement. In combination with PLC-controlled Generators the heating behaviour of materials is used for e.g. crack detection of parts.

Poster collection for non-destructive testing